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About Us

We look forward with respect and reverence for our values.

We value the legacy created by our parents and grandparents. Every day, we are driven by the belief that through honest work and a decent approach, we can help ourselves and the world around us. With the utmost respect and reverence for the creation of our predecessors, we strive to build upon it and, as responsible stewards, gradually expand it.

Meet RASG Family

We use the term RASG Family to refer to the holding company of our family businesses.
We build on our dreams and ideas and provide space for every extended family member to get involved if they wish.
We respond not only to our needs but also to the situation within the Czech business environment. By diversifying our business activities in different directions and sectors, we aim to sustainably diversify business risk and minimize potential fluctuations.

Jan Straka

CEO & Founder

The story of the family business has been going on for 30 years now

We carry on the legacy of our parents, whose entrepreneurial journey began in the post-revolutionary period of the early 1990s.

With over 30 years of experience, we have been actively involved in polygraphic production, specializing in both standard printed materials and packaging. In the past, we even had our own production facilities, giving us an in-depth understanding of various production technologies and capabilities.

In addition to our core printing and advertising expertise, we have also ventured into marketing and advertising services. Over nearly two decades, we’ve successfully established a reputable brand for Czech planners and notebooks.

Throughout the years, our business has evolved beyond our initial focus on printing and advertising, and our companies now operate in several other diverse areas.