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We complement the digital personal productivity system with simple paper tools. We have created a successful brand of paper tools tested by the market of large corporations and companies.



Best tools for
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The approach, quality of the system, and tools, not chance, determine productivity and results.

Worki is built on the solid foundations of modern productivity theory and an effective approach to personal project management. They serve as an excellent complement to cloud applications and corporate systems, validated by successful tests and collaborations with large corporate clients, their employees, and customers.

We are losing control

In today’s fast-paced environment, projects and tasks often get lost in the vast cloud of shared information, leading to overall individual overload. Losing control over tasks, projects, and responsibilities is a common challenge. Our tools provide a solution by allowing each user to gain personal distance and efficiently plan priorities. Let our tools streamline your projects and tasks – without chaos, with ease.

Jan Straka, Founder & IDEA MAKER

Effective Solution

Simple, practical, modern


Worki Notebooks are simple work tools that serve as a complement or foundation for any organizational system, including digital ones.


The practicality of use is the foundation of the long-term success of projects. That's why Worki Notebooks are minimalist and highly practical for everyday use.


Digital transformation has changed the way we work. It's not always easy to keep up with the times, which is why we designed Worki Notebooks as a supplement that respects the user's digital system.

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