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A simple and
eco-friendly packaging system

Professional solutions for sustainable food packaging and food delivery from the Italian manufacturer BIOPAP®.

BIOPAP® Easy System is a reliable, fast, and secure solution for packaging and delivering high-quality food in compostable boxes made from renewable resources.

Excitement on every shelf

Frugal Bottle, made from 94% recycled cardboard with a food-grade liner, is five times lighter than glass, has a six times lower carbon footprint, and offers 360° branding to showcase your brand on the shelf.

Frugalpac is already partnering with manufacturers worldwide to produce Frugal Bottles for their products, such as sake, wine, and spirits in Japan, the USA, Spain, Germany, Italy, and France.

Frugalpac is now headquartered in its own innovation center for technical engineering in Ipswich. We supply Frugal Bottles worldwide and are developing additional low-carbon packaging innovations for the market.

Be different. Serve in edible bowls.

Bredpaks are delicious, edible bowls made of fresh dough, produced according to our proprietary method. You can replace disposable tableware with them in the stationary offer, take away or in delivery. Based on bredpaks, you can also create a completely new dish and serve it in a set with an edible bowl.
Bredpak is an excellent vegan snack – encourage your guests to munch on it!

Italian design in your oven

Novacart is a global leader in the production of paper and cardboard products for food baking and offers a comprehensive range of products focused on presentation.

Since 1926, Novacart has been manufacturing paper and cardboard products for food use. Our production lines include baking cups, paper and cardboard baking molds, paper liners, and cardboard trays.

We are capable of producing a wide range of environmentally sustainable products in all shapes, sizes, and quantities—a universally recognized quality that has allowed us to become a global leader in the industry.